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Take a look at the steps below to understand how The Little Wedding Company works.



Select your Product

When choosing a product, if you see the scissors symbol, there are multiple options for this product to be customised by adding details such as sleeves and collars, changing materials and colours and adding trims.

Once you click into the product itself you will be guided through a series of steps where you can design the product to look exactly how you want it to.

Most products can also be personalised by adding lettering.

There is even a section where you can ask for something to be made to your specification even if we don’t already offer it as a customisation.

Bridesmaids Sleeveless Dress – Front
Bridesmaids Sleeveless Dress – Front
FlowerGirl Sleeves – 1
FlowerGirl Sleeves – P5


Choose your Colours

There are 18 colours to choose from across all our products, which means you can co-ordinate each area of your wedding.

The colours have been chosen as we believe they are the prettiest and most popular.

We also have 18 stunning prints which carry across the range from stationery to clothing.

Each of the colours has a corresponding print, so you can pair the plain colours with the matching print to add an extra special element to your theme.

Custom colours are possible!

So, just send us a message if we don’t have what you’re looking for and we will try to source it.

swatch overview image 2


Apply Customisations

The most important thing is to feel that your wedding is unique and reflects your own personality and style.

Therefore, each of the customisable products can be made with the details that you want, depending on the look you are going for.

This is also great as it allows you to keep certain areas within a budget, or go overboard on others!

You’ll love designing your products and we will keep you up to date with the progress as they are under production.

Or book a Little Wedding Planner to help you navigate the multitude of options available.

How it works pic 3


Add products to create your theme

In the Inspiration section of the site you will find beautiful mood boards which are accompanied by a blog that will give you ideas for either a wedding theme or a colour.

They can help you to decide what the overall theme of your wedding will look like, or you can use them to combine ideas and come up with your own theme.

Added to this, we suggest products in the collection, that when bought together, form the basis of each theme.

You can then add products to your Wishlist and start to see your theme come together.

Pretty in Pink


Say when you need them

Because we know how difficult it is to plan having custom-made items, we leave it up to you to tell us when you want to receive the goods. This can be staggered or all at once.

We want a delivery from TLWC to be a wonderful experience and we also want the products to be of the quality that we accept. So, everything comes through us and is checked by our experienced team.

We then package it beautifully in our stunning tissue and put it in a box with a beautiful bow.

It is so gorgeous that you won’t want to open it!

How it works picture 5