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Crafting A Classic White Wedding

All White Wedding Theme

Clean and elegant, a classic all white wedding theme is the simplest but it can also be the most effective of all the themes as white is the most emblematic colour used in Bridal and when else can you have everything in white?

Evoking pure innocence, purity and class it is a fresh and clear look that is striking yet simple at the same time.

Classic white is a very minimalistic and pared down theme which is elegant and can be given depth by using bold shapes for example big white bows, or delicate beading will add depth and help to distinguish the different areas of the wedding even though there is only one colour used throughout. You can carry a them such as bows, roses or lace through to each element or you can mix up different styles to create something more complex. Whether you match things or create independent elements, lace, velvet and tulle will give texture and taffeta and satin will give a sheen which all helps to add to this theme and bring the colour to life.

Match a pure white dress and veil with all white bridesmaids and flower girls. The groom and groomsmen can even wear white ties which is a classic look.

Flowers and decorations are also white but you can mix them with green foliage to lift it and create this fresh look. White roses, lily of the valley and chrysanthemums are beautiful together in bouquets and wreaths.

Decorate with simple white chairs and tablecloths, silver cutlery, white or green bouquets and simple delicate food such as white fish or chicken, and refreshing lemon sorbet. You can hand white lanterns form the ceiling to complete this look.

A beautifully decorated white iced cake with ridged icing or a lace effect will add further rich texture and follow the theme through the whole wedding.

Get the look...

hairband with bow - the little wedding company

Long Veil with White Velvet Spots

Satin Top

Satin Top

Long satin skirt

Satin Skirt

button back dress – overview

Short Satin Dress

Bella dress – overview – 2

Taffeta Princess Line Flowergirl Dress

peter pan – p1

Cotton Shirt with Peterpan Collar

camisole – overview


381p bralet overview pic 1


French knickers – overview

French Knickers