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Please refer to the product content label for guidance on how to clean and care for your products. 

For cotton products

All our basic cotton products are machine washable at 40 degrees and can be ironed.

For silk products

If you need to clean your outfit, we would recommend taking it to a specialist dry cleaner or having it spot cleaned only. We recommend Green Earth drycleaners as these are better for the environment as they use less harsh chemicals.


Taffeta will crease easily, so when you receive it, if you give it a good shake and hang it up overnight that will help. For any creases that don’t drop out, holding the iron up to it and pressing the steam button should do it.


Please be aware that some drycleaners may not take care when reading the labels on the products. We cannot take responsibility if a drycleaner uses chemicals other than those specified on the label and consequently ruins your item.

Dyeable products

All our cotton products that are described as machine dyeable are so at the owners risk and due to this being outside of our control, if the dying process should not yield the desired effect we will not be able to refund or replace the original item. 

If in doubt please contact us for advice on how to care for your items. 

We cannot accept responsibility for products which are not cared for according to our guide on the label.